Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paint the word: Nihad Dukhan

Arabic calligraphy: a tradition that goes back tens of centuries in the Arab culture, often practiced by religious scholars and used to represent Quranic verses. While classical calligraphy is beautiful it's about time for an update and Nihad Dukhan, a calligrapher from Gaza is just the person to make it happen. Nihad got his Ijazah in 2009 from Istanbul's Master Calligrapher Hasan Celebi and since then has  been turning out calligraphy of a new style.
Dukhan mostly does away with the dense intertwining aesthetic of classical calligraphy in favor of a more modern minimalist style. His compositions are pleasing to eye and well balanced.

In an interview on Radio Tahrir, Nihad spoke about his devotion to both the Arabic language and calligraphy since his childhood. While training under Master Hasan Celebi he worked one sentence for three years. Nihad speaks of calligraphy as visual poetry and about his desire to match the beauty of literary and visual poetry.
Check out his website for more information on Mr. Dukhan. All the images represented in this post are the property of Nihad Dukhan.

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