Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Still Going Strong: Tania Saleh

Tania Saleh has been around the Lebanese music scene for a long time and she has remained consistently good. Her latest album is no exception. Wehde continues Saleh's notable mix between East and West in another one of her albums that's difficult to classify. Some call it folk but I wouldn't go that far because of the prominent presence of jazz, funk and rock in her tracks. However I digress, genre is the last thing to worry about in music, it's about the good sound and that is certainly something that Salah captured in Wehde.

It's also nice to see that she developed a memorable graphic and style to go along with the album. Her website is its ultimate incarnation and we see it in the music video for Wehde as well. This vintage mixed media collage does her album and concept justice as she sings of themes like nationalism and unity with undertones of personal stories within this.

At this point let me apologize for having a disproportionate amount of Lebanese art so far, its just that I have more exposure to it. I'll also be trying to get more visual art, architecture and design on the blog, its just that music and film is more accesible online.

Enjoy the Wehde music video and you can find the download at Pirate Beirut.

Tania Saleh-Wehde from Amin Dora on Vimeo.

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