Friday, July 15, 2011

Nasrallah Pretty in Pink: Zena el Khalil

It takes a special kind of artist to to take subject matter like Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah and surround him in a cloud of pink with golden hearts. That artist is Beirut's queen of mixed media Zena el Khalil. El Khalil combines her skillful painting with a notable talent for craft in her mixed media masterpieces combined materials as varied as toy soldiers, fake fur, beads, fabrics and paints.

Hassan Feeling Pensive. 2009-2011
From the series Queens and Kings
Mixed media installation
Dimensions variable

Zena uses the mixed and often contradictory materials in her artwork to call attention to the existing contradictions in the subjects she portrays. Her bright, playful pieces have a way of catching the eye that not only makes you linger, but also makes you consider the effect of showing each of an image's elements in its particular context.

Praise Be. | 70x125 cm | mixed media | 2008

Lebanese Superstars

El Khalil doesn't restrict herself to only visual art either, she dabbles into the fields of performance and installation art setting up this discotheque-ready Allah statue to be danced around.

I've never really considered myself a writer and I don't think my explanatory prose can add anything to El Khalil's work, I just hope I can lead at least a few more people to her. So check out her website to keep up with this fascinating artist's works. 

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