Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's kick it off: The Narcicyst

Welcome to 3rab Art. I'll be bringing you Arab art, design and music from the Middle East and the Arab diaspora. This isn't the only source for it (check out my links for more) but I'll try to make it one of the better ones. If you're looking for Nancy Ajram this isn't the place to be. I'll be trying to explore and expose artists with a little more social consciousness and a little less plastic surgery. 

Let's begin with a bearded brother from from the diaspora. He resides in Canada and he spits fire. He's a stylish guy and he knows it because he's The Narcicyst. You can tell from his website that the name is no joke, the man loves himself, but then again why shouldn't he? When you've got talent like him and you're using it to make real hip-hop you have every reason to. Narci is fond of collabs and you'll often find him in cahoots with Omar Offendum, Shadia Mansour and others of the like spreading the oh-so-important messages of social awareness that need to be spread in and about the Arab world.

I invite you to bob your head to his beats along with me and check out his downloads page.

His songs speak about not only the injustices that plague the Arab World, but also about everything that confronts Arabs overseas who are born into foreign homes.

Check out Hamdullilah, featuring Shadia Mansour.

The Narcicyst + Shadia Mansour "Hamdulillah" by RidzDesign from Ridwan Adhami on Vimeo.


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